– Lipstick one of the makeup products used every day to perfect the appearance. In addition to making the face look more fresh look, lipstick is also useful to support the appearance of customizing clothes worn.
But unknowingly we often make mistakes when using lipstick. Here are three frequent mistakes made when wearing lipstick.

Using Lipstick Matte for Dry Lips
Matte lipstick is being loved by many people because of its durability and attractive appearance. However, unfortunately, not all lips fit to wear this type of lipstick. Dry lips are not recommended to wear matte lipstick because it can make the lips look more dry and unhealthy.

Do not leave the lipstick for too long
Sometimes when tired after the move, we are always reluctant to remove lipstick on the lips. Though allowing lipstick to stick to long can be bad for the health of lips because of the ingredients contained in the lipstick. The effect is the lips will easily peel and dry.

Before using lipstick, use a moisturizer first.
Some women still apply lipstick without moisturizing before. It’s good to apply a lip moisturizer before applying lipstick. It is useful to prevent the lips dry and make lipstick more durable.

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