Bad Habits Caring For Skin That Make You Fast Aged Before Age 30

Not a few women who want to look younger for as long as possible. But the skin that remains fresh and young will not get you if you ignore the correct treatment. It’s a bad habit that should be avoided if you do not want the skin to aging before the age of 30,

  1. Do not remove makeup during sleep

Sleep is a time when the skin undergoes maximum regeneration. But the skin regeneration process will not be maximized if covered by the rest of the makeup and dirt. Makeup that is still attached to the skin while sleeping will clog the pores on the face. Causes acne and wrinkles appear faster. Worse still if your skin is sensitive, it can irritate and make the condition worse.

  1. Only use once every sunscreen cream every day

Sunscreen cream is needed by the skin, especially when living in a tropical country and outdoors all day. Apparently, the use of sunscreen cream is not enough applied only once. You need to apply sunscreen cream every two hours for maximum protection against sunlight. As is known, exposure to excessive sunlight can accelerate aging to skin cancer.

  1. Never do exfoliation

With the increasing age of, the course will be more and more dead skin cells that accumulate in the skin. If you have never exfoliated or exfoliated, dead skin cells will accumulate and create a dull face. Exfoliate skin at least twice a week at night.

  1. Lack of sleep

Adequate sleep is very important for skin health. If you pass the time to sleep, then that means we let the skin does not rest and do the regeneration process. Imagine after exposure to sunlight all day, exposed to pollution and dust, then the skin does not do the regeneration process. Skin condition will get worse and faster aging experience.

  1. Wear a makeup brush that is never cleaned

Cleaning the makeup brush may be very tedious. But if you prefer the feeling of laziness, then be prepared your skin will have problems. The never-washed makeup brush holds many bacteria. Using it, it’s the same as moving the bacteria to the skin. Minimum wash makeup brushes once a week to keep them clean.

  1. Eat too much sweet food

Eating sweet or high sugar foods will not only damage teeth but also cause skin problems. By eating too many sweet foods such as chocolate or candy can cause acne and accelerate aging. Better multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables to keep skin healthy.

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