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3 Frequent Errors When Wearing Lipstick – Lipstick one of the makeup products used every day to perfect the appearance. In addition to making the face look more fresh look, lipstick is also useful to support the appearance of customizing clothes worn.
But unknowingly we often make mistakes when using lipstick. Here are three frequent mistakes made when wearing lipstick.

Using Lipstick Matte for Dry Lips
Matte lipstick is being loved by many people because of its durability and attractive appearance. However, unfortunately, not all lips fit to wear this type of lipstick. Dry lips are not recommended to wear matte lipstick because it can make the lips look more dry and unhealthy.

Do not leave the lipstick for too long
Sometimes when tired after the move, we are always reluctant to remove lipstick on the lips. Though allowing lipstick to stick to long can be bad for the health of lips because of the ingredients contained in the lipstick. The effect is the lips will easily peel and dry.

Before using lipstick, use a moisturizer first.
Some women still apply lipstick without moisturizing before. It’s good to apply a lip moisturizer before applying lipstick. It is useful to prevent the lips dry and make Read More

Kissable Skin!

How would you rather look: dry, wrinkled and flaky or soft, glowing and sexy?

This one’s a no brainer. You want to look like you take great care of you skin! Of course you’d rather look soft, glowing, and sexy. But knowing the best ways to achieve this isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, has great beauty wisdom to help you every step of the way. Following these tips skincare ideas will help you look and feel terrific.

Strip those Pores

It’s true. We don’t like to talk about blackheads, but they occur in our T-zones, including our noses, foreheads, and chins. The dark, dreaded little pockets of skin and dirt are monstrous, but something can be done. Pore strips are a great solution that require only a couple of minutes and minimal effort. Look your best without these nuisances.

Don’t Get Baked

People repeat this constantly, but it’s still important! Wear sunscreen! There’s no excuse not so since there are so many great products that are easy to use, making it easier to face the sun fearlessly. Your skin will be protected, moisturized, and cooled with the right lotion. And wearing at least a 15SPF will protect you Read More

Can You Afford A Home In New York City?

New York City is a beloved place to live due to its diversity. It has been considered as America’s melting pot where you can hear over 800 languages spoken. It has a unique energy unlike any other city on the planet. The 24-hour fast paced lifestyle makes New York City one of the best places to live. Whether you live in a home or an apartment, you can literally find anything you want within a five-block radius. There are several desirable areas of New York to live in such as: Harlem, Astoria, Brooklyn Heights, Coney Island, Staten Island and the Bronx’s Little Italy Tevfik Arif Doyen. It is home to some of the most historic landmarks like the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Traffic in New York can be an issue but it doesn’t have to be for you. You can jump on the subway for a short 30 minute ride to anywhere else in the state. Or, take the bus, walk, ride CityBike or hire an Uber. With all of these great qualities, it’s easy to see why so many people have flocked to New York City to purchase Read More

Stunning Colors for Your Light Brown Hair

For everyone out there with brown hair, you know how amazing your hair is. From elegant to exotic, there are so many choices for your brown tresses. Ranging from light caramel to dark chocolate and copper to plum, you have a rich selection of color and style switch up your light brown hair.

With custom shades galore, you can find something that compliments your skin tone and hair type. And the choices for highlights and lowlights, balayage and ombre are almost limitless. Check out these stunning colors and styles for brown hair.

Bring Your Light Brown Hair Alive with These Colors


  1. GoldenBrown

Warm and friendly, this shimmering shade is lovely for people with golden or peachy skin. And this light brown hair color brings out your warm green, brown or hazel eyes.  With dark golden blonde highlights, this lush combination puts you on center stage.

  1. HoneyBrown

This luxurious, tawny hue gives your light brown hair the best of light brown and dark brown color. Medium, rich tones complement people with light eyes and a fair complexion. And if you have a golden complexion, this shade gives you a star-like look.

  1. LightCaramel

A golden shade of summer is Read More

How Often To Make Love To Be Slim? – One of the best ways to lose weight is with exercise. But if you include people who are lazy to exercise, why not try sex only?

Yes! Not many people know that sex is a type of exercise that burns enough calories. How often does sex have to lose weight? What are sex positions powerful to make slim? Check out the full info about this bed sport.

Sex itself is regarded as an activity that requires a lot of energy. The body will burn calories from carbohydrate deposits. The more calories burned, the faster the body’s metabolism works to burn fat deposits.

In addition to speed up metabolism, sex can also train fitness. When making love, various muscle groups in the body will work. Usually, the muscles that work during sex are the muscles of the arms, abdomen, hamstring, buttocks, and calves.

Train these muscles can form and increase muscle mass of the body like exercising in the gym. When compared with body fat, increased muscle mass potentially burns more calories, even when the muscles are not working.

Moreover, sex is a type of cardio exercise that can increase heart rate. When the heart muscle is strong, the Read More