– One of the best ways to lose weight is with exercise. But if you include people who are lazy to exercise, why not try sex only?

Yes! Not many people know that sex is a type of exercise that burns enough calories. How often does sex have to lose weight? What are sex positions powerful to make slim? Check out the full info about this bed sport.

Sex itself is regarded as an activity that requires a lot of energy. The body will burn calories from carbohydrate deposits. The more calories burned, the faster the body’s metabolism works to burn fat deposits.

In addition to speed up metabolism, sex can also train fitness. When making love, various muscle groups in the body will work. Usually, the muscles that work during sex are the muscles of the arms, abdomen, hamstring, buttocks, and calves.

Train these muscles can form and increase muscle mass of the body like exercising in the gym. When compared with body fat, increased muscle mass potentially burns more calories, even when the muscles are not working.

Moreover, sex is a type of cardio exercise that can increase heart rate. When the heart muscle is strong, the blood vessels can drain more blood and faster so that it can drain more oxygen into muscle cells. This allows the cells to burn more fat during “exercise” and at rest.

So, how many calories burned through sex?

The number of calories burned through sex depends on many factors. For example, how long you make love and what you do with your partner while making love. Kissing alone is able to burn 2-6 calories per minute. So, the longer you kiss the couple, the more calories will burn.

Mixing or foreplay for an hour can burn about 58 to 80 calories. This figure is equivalent to walking as far as 1.5 kilometers or exercise for 23 minutes. This one-hour intimate session can also burn calories from half the soda cans you consume.

Meanwhile, having sex burns about 100-140 calories if done for 45 minutes. It’s like running two kilometers or working out for 40 minutes. Sex itself can take anywhere from two minutes to over an hour.

A sexologist from the United States, Jaiya Kinzbach also revealed that deep sighs and deep breathing during sex will help burn as much as 18 to 30 calories.

How often have sex to lose weight?

According to experts, there are no benchmark numbers to ascertain how many times the sex that can lose weight. This is because sex is not really powerful to make skinny, but just burn calories.

Although indeed the calories burned through sex including many, it turns out this does not so affect the numbers on the scales.

But New York weight loss physician Howard Shapiro says that a person with a good sex life, so the stress he experiences will decrease so that his appetite decreases and not as big as when he is experiencing high stress.

A decrease in appetite and low-stress levels is actually more play an important role in weight loss.

Well if your sex life and your partner is qualified, it seems there is no harm in having sex many times a night to achieve the desired calorie burning.

Of course, this must also pay attention to endurance, health conditions, and sexual arousal of each.

Tips to use sex to burn calories

In essence, the longer you make love and the more variations of position and maneuvering you are doing, the more calories you can burn. The study found that the higher the intensity of cardio, the greater the calories burned.

So if you want to make love to lose weight, try to prolong the foreplay, change position, increase movement, to raise the room temperature.

The warmer room temperature makes it easier to sweat, which helps the body burn more calories. In addition, some people will also feel more excited when having sweaty sex.

Different positions of sex, different also the number of calories burned. Certain sex positions such as cowgirl (lady above) and doggy style tend to burn more calories than classical missionary positions.

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