Hairstyles don’t really have anything to do with age. But, since your hair changes as you get older, you may be looking for a new style. If you are looking for a flattering style, there are many short haircuts for women over 50 to consider. To start, find out where women with great haircuts go for their hairstyles. Schedule a consultation with a few stylists to talk about your hair type, face shape and some styles that work for you. Plus, a hairstyle can take years off of your appearance.

Youthful Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

The Pixie

This classic short style gives you a playfully classy look for all occasions. Get your hair-cut every 4-6 weeks and it’s low on everyday maintenance. Short on the sides and the back, you can leave it a little longer on top and add some simple waves. Soften the look with short or side-swept bangs.

The Super Edgy Pixie

Great for all ages, this cut is big on texture and long on jaunty style. The soft, messy spikes give your hair added dimension and interest. Embrace your gray if you have gorgeous, naturally gray coloring. It’s a hot trend to go along with your new edgy pixie.

Bangs on a Short Cut

Bangs are great for giving you a more youthful appearance. They work well with pixies and bobs alike. Adding bangs to your style will hide a receding hairline, give the appearance of sharper features and bring attention to your eyes. They do require maintenance, so get a trim every few weeks to keep your bangs looking their best.

The Mussy Shag

The shag is great for all face shapes. Long, textured strands on the top with side-swept bangs will give your hair some depth. Use a texturizing spray or salt spray to add some oomph to your texture.

The Funky Cut

Best on coarse, thick hair, a short spiky style can change your outlook. But make sure it fits your personality. This style adds fun and flair to your overall look.

The Long Bob

This style has more length than the traditional bob. Also known as a ‘lob’, bangs can be tucked behind the ear or hang loose. Add some long layers for additional volume and you’ll love the flexibility of this cut.

Thick Wavy Bob

Women with lots of texture from curly or wavy hair look great in a short bob. The texture gives extra body and the bangs give a more youthful appearance.

Side Swept Bangs

Longer bangs on a pixie let you sweep them to one side and get all the benefits of bangs. Plus the short style looks great on everyone.

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