Stunning Colors for Your Light Brown Hair

For everyone out there with brown hair, you know how amazing your hair is. From elegant to exotic, there are so many choices for your brown tresses. Ranging from light caramel to dark chocolate and copper to plum, you have a rich selection of color and style switch up your light brown hair.

With custom shades galore, you can find something that compliments your skin tone and hair type. And the choices for highlights and lowlights, balayage and ombre are almost limitless. Check out these stunning colors and styles for brown hair.

Bring Your Light Brown Hair Alive with These Colors


  1. GoldenBrown

Warm and friendly, this shimmering shade is lovely for people with golden or peachy skin. And this light brown hair color brings out your warm green, brown or hazel eyes.  With dark golden blonde highlights, this lush combination puts you on center stage.

  1. HoneyBrown

This luxurious, tawny hue gives your light brown hair the best of light brown and dark brown color. Medium, rich tones complement people with light eyes and a fair complexion. And if you have a golden complexion, this shade gives you a star-like look.

  1. LightCaramel

A golden shade of summer is what you’ll get with a light caramel hue. Ideal if you have a warm complexion and warm brown eyes. And it looks great with a golden complexion too. And light caramel is perfect as a balayage or ombre highlights with a darker chocolate brown base color.

  1. CocoaHair

This light brown hair shade is beautifully balanced between warm and ashy. Pale and cool, this pearly brown shade is beautiful on fair skin. And light green or blue eyes brings out the beauty. Addblondehighlightsforextrazing.

  1. GoldenBronze

Luxurious and rich, this golden bronze color is an exquisite blend of red and golden tones. On warm skin, this color looks amazing. If your complexion is cool or ruddy, stay away from this color.

  1. SandyBrown

This cool, neutral shade of beige looks superb if you have a light green or blue eyes with a cool complexion. Plus, add a few beige blonde highlights, you will have an elegant sophisticated style.

  1. DarkChocolate

This sophisticated color is a rich, cool color for light brown hair. This dark chocolate color looks luxurious with brown eyes and an olive complexion. You will have command of the room with this deep, alluring color.

  1. LightAshBrown

Light brown hair is breathtaking with this graceful hue. And even more so if you have light brown or blue eyes and a fair complexion. There is no gold or red in this color, so if that is your look, this is your color. A few cool blonde highlights give you an elegant, intriguing look.

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